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The tile magnet system is a magnetic system that can be used for any size and thickness of covering, to cover hidden access points. It can be used for concealment of cabling, taps, fittings, bath and basin plumbing, chimney access, water meters, heating fittings. The metal fixing plates are glued under the tiling where the access point is. A tile is then chosen as the cover and four magnets – positioned to fit the metal plates – are glued to the tile. It is important to position the magnets precisely so that the tile does not rock and it lies in the same plane as the rest of the covering. The space around this tile should be left ungrouted; to maintain an aesthetic appearance grouting should be achieved with silicon grout. This is easy to remove in the event of repairs at a later date. 


Waterproofing system elements can be built in and in some cases are made from flexible material. If it is important to have a really efficient airtight, steam- and water-proof sealing of corners, joints, flooring drains, then it is essential to use corner sealing tapes, water sealings. The speciality of VSTF tape is that it is extremely flexible in a lateral direction. 


By installing plaster and paint edge guards it is possible to reinforce and protect cement- and lime plaster corners and edges. Use of the plaster profile makes it easy to get a precise, straight finish to corners and an edge made this way is better able to withstand damage.

Footing closing profile for insulation

The fixed footing closing profile provides the start level and surface horizontal level of the surface that is required to be insulated, furthermore it separates the facade and footing sections from each other. The size of the profile must be selected to accord with the thickness of the polystyrene insulation material, since this is used to fix the insulation panels from underneath. Due to its drip edge construction it channels away water running down the wall of the building. 


Use of flooring underlays is essential when laying laminated or wood coverings. Using them

• can increase the lifetime of the flooring,
• can exclude problems deriving from unevenness of the base surface,
• a perfect vapour barrier can be achieved between the flooring and the base surface,
• also provides heat and noise insulation.
The long-term, high durability capabilities of underlays made from extruded polystyrene (XPS) mean they are absolutely essential in the case of ‘click system’ floorings.
For areas with underfloor heating, laying of the IZO-FLOOR PLUS underlay under laminated flooring and strip parquet is recommended.
In order to ensure a perfect vapour barrier it is worth laying a vapour barrier foil between the base surface and the underlay. This does not apply to those flooring underlays that are ready made with a vapour barrier layer.