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PVC skirting board with soft edge

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The skirting board is a cover strip at the junction of parquet, laminated flooring, PVC flooring or floor carpet and the wall, providing a tidy finish for the none too aesthetic dilatation gap necessary when laying flooring. Thanks to their wide range of colours and forms, they fit all floor covering types very effectively, providing a quality closure to interiors. They are easy and quick to fit, and by using internal-external corners, connector elements, closure capsules that are identical in colour to the strips the skirting boards provide a smooth, accurate fit, thus precisely following the curve and angles of the wall. Skirting boards are fitted with a spacious cable channel system that allows wiring to be concealed.

Due to the special rubber strips positioned on the upper and lower edges, the rubber-edged skirting board integrates perfectly with all types of flooring and wall. This helps even out irregularities and stops ingress of dirt.