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VI-flex / Dilatation EPDM profile

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Use of the appropriate VI-flex dilatation profile is extremely important from the aspect of the covering. Sinking, expansion, contraction all result in the constant movement of the base surface. When laying coverings there is a danger that the covering will crack and break as a result of differences in the expansion/contraction rate of the base and the surface. There are two types of dilatation profile: narrow and broad base. When using both types it is necessary to have the dilatation grouting of the base surface and the covering dilatation on the same line. The VI-flex profile comprises two parts, the hard PVC or aluminium fixing arm and the soft PVC or rubber insert cushioning the surface movement of the covering. If the area to be covered exceeds 25 sqm, then use of the dilatation profile is highly recommended.

Due to the quality of the EPDM rubber, the profile fitted with EPDM rubber is resistant to higher temperatures, and has a long life even when in contact with polar solvents, hot water and steam. The tensile strength and elasticity of the rubber is outstanding, thus it can be used to achieve maximum water sealing and heat resistance.