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Easy tile leveling system

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TheVI-fouga SL Easy tile leveling system is easy, fast and precise. With this system it is easy and fast to make a perfect work even without professional skills. The top surfaces of the tiles is forced against the wedges resulting a perfect even floor or wall, keeping the different peaces in the same plane. Suitable for tiles from 3 to 12 mm height. With the recommended SLPL plier, tilling is easier, more precise and faster. You need only 16 pcs for 1 m2 when working with 50 x 50 cm tiles, so it is an affordable, fast and perfect system for professionals and beginners too.

Starter packadge

SL200CL – Leveling clips: 200pcs

SL100W – Leveling wedges: 100pcs (reusable)

SLPL - Leveling pliers: 1pcs